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Irfan Fazil, M.D.



Christian Cyr, MSN, ACAG N.P.

Registered Nurse Practitioner

Moises E. Espinoza

Moises Espinosa, MD RN, MSN, APRN, N.P. BC, FCP-C

Registered Nurse Practitioner

Yuma Kidney & Dialysis Specialists, P.C. offer the following services:

Chronic Kidney Disease Management

Acute Kidney Failure Treatment

Hypertension Management

Hemodialyis Management

Peritoneal Dialysis Management

Post Kidney Transplant Management

Bladder Incontinence Diagnosis & Treatment

Urinary Tract & Kidney Infections Prevention & Treatment

Management & Prevention of Kidney Stones

Fluid & Electrolyte Disorders Diagnosis & Treatment